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so many options at camp wing




Bernard Alexander Dining Hall

With access for vendors at 742 Keene Street, this spacious building is our primary reception hall, comfortably seating up to 175 guests. It is large enough to accommodate a dining area (buffet tables or full-service) and a dance floor (with a DJ, band, or music station) in a variety of layouts. The alcoves are also perfect for use as bar areas, with the porch providing a great location for a gift table, guest book, or seating charts.


detail measurements:

  • A fully functioning fireplace and mantle

  • Round or oval tables; 20 tables seating 8 (table top = 5’ x 6’)

  • Rectangular tables; 15 tables seating 8, suitable for buffets (table top = 2’6″x 8’)

  • 260 blue plastic chairs (non-folding)

  • Sound system with attachment for iPod, laptop, or any standard music player

  • Dining hall floor = 2,950 square feet

  • Main floor = 29’ x 83’

  • Front alcoves (x2) = 22’6” x 12’

  • Porch = 6’ x 36’

The Duxbury Stockade

Located at 47 Myrtle Street and originally built in 1937, the beautiful, rustic Stockade is a log building, containing:

  • Dining Room, with 10 farm-style tables (table top= 7’x2’8″), benches for seating, and a large functioning fireplace

  • Conference/Meeting room (often used by bridal/groom parties to get ready near guests)

  • Food service area with fridge, tables, and storage (no kitchen available)

  • Outside courtyard containing a large fire circle and outside seating

  • Overnight accommodation


Munroe Council Ring

Tall pine trees provide the setting for a circle of built-in benches, seating up to 175 guests, around a central fire put. Featuring a wooden stage with its own background arch. Electrical outlet available.


Lakeside Ceremony Site

Versatile space with stunning views of Keene’s Pond. Benches available for guest seating. Electrical outlet available.


Ziskind Pavilion

With parking at 650 Keene Street, this open sided pavilion is great for New England events, where the weather is not always predictable. Often used as a rain backup for outdoor events. The open floor is 80′ x 50′, with plenty of access to electric outlets, great lighting, and 2 bathrooms, each with 3 stalls.

Lower Barn

Located at 742 Keene Street, the lower sections of Camp Wing’s historic barn is great for New England events, where the weather is not always predictable. Often used as a rain backup for outdoor events. The floor is 42′ x 50′, with bench seating, plenty of access to electric outlets, and great, dimmable lighting.


Our goal is to reduce vehicles on site to a minimum for guest safety, to protect camp facilities, and to ensure there are no cars in your wedding photos! Please communicate the following addresses to the appropriate people:

  • 742 Keene Street = Barn Area, access for Reception Hall
    (reduce use to deliveries, vendors, and guests who require accessibility)

  • 725 Keene Street = Main parking lot for most guests

  • 650 Keene Street = Parking for Ziskind Pavilion, Wing Cabins, cottages, and parking

  • 47 Myrtle Street = Stockade, parking for overnight guests

  • 933 Union Street = Union House

  • 119 Myrtle Street = Mailing address, Crossroads Office

WORKING MAPS rental.jpg


Stockade Courtyard (Total Capacity 79)

Four rustic cabins with doors open directly to the courtyard containing a large fire-pit. The courtyard is a great place for an ‘after-party’.

• Cabin 1 = 23 beds (17 ground floor & 6 loft)

• Cabin 2 = 11 beds (8 ground floor & 3 loft)

• Cabin 5 = 21 beds (14 ground floor & 7 loft)

• Cabin 6 = 22 beds (14 ground floor & 8 loft)

• “Honeymoon Blockhouse” = 1 queen size bed


Stockade External Cabins (Total Capacity 30)

Two rustic cabin located outside the Stockade Courtyard

• Cabin 7 = 15 beds

• Cabin 8 = 15 beds


Stockade Ellison Center (Total Capacity 71)

Heated rooms with full sized bunks, internally accessible to bathrooms, dining room and communal areas.

• Cabin 10 = 8 beds

• Cabin 11 = 15 beds

• Cabin 12 = 9 beds

• Cabin 13 = 7 beds

• Cabin 14 = 14 beds

• Cabin 15 = 10 beds

• Cabin 16 = 8 beds


Camp Wing Villages (Total Capacity 156)

Two villages of rustic cabins circled around a central fire-pit with log seating areas. Typically cooler than Stockade accommodation, with screens instead of windows.

• The Red Door Village cabins are named Pequot, Mic Mac, Wampanoag, Penobscot, Narragansett, Massachusetts.

• The Green Door Village cabins are named Sparta, Atlantis, Rome, Olympus, El Dorado, Valhalla, and Camelot.


Cottages (Total Capacity 8)

Often reserved as lodging for parents, senior guests or for bridal and groom parties to get ready, these two cottages are a little less rustic and more private. Each cottage features two bedrooms, (one with a queen bed and another with two twin beds), a bathroom, and lounge area. Bedding provided. 

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