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“My daughter went from being this shy little girl to being around a group of kids and staff who allowed her to express herself and be her true silly self. Forever grateful!”

stepping up

Crossroads Junior Leaders

The Crossroads Junior Leaders program provides overnight summer camp and school year enrichment experiences that:

build confidence

strengthen social-emotional skills

promote mentorship

provide opportunities for play and physical fitness.


Participants engage in outdoor education, arts enrichment, service learning, and begin the process of exploring and mapping out their futures.

Participation in Junior Leaders helps young people explore their place in the world and identify goals for the future while developing social-emotional, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.


After attending overnight summer camp at either Camp Wing in Duxbury or Camp Mitton in Brewster, participants are nominated for Junior Leaders by their camp counselors. Children are selected based on their demonstrated ability to make good choices, remain positive and helpful in challenging situations, and for exhibiting the potential to be young leaders in their communities. Schools and community partners can also nominate children for Junior Leaders. Families are asked to commit to Junior Leaders from Grades 3-7, to participate in one or more overnight summer camp sessions each year, and to attend weekend overnights at Camp Wing in Duxbury during the school year.


junior leaders Activities include the following:

  • Pathway Weekends: Sessions during the school-year that explore social-emotional learning, relationship building, and critical thinking.

  • Summer Camp: Junior Leaders participate in at least one or more sessions (12 days) at a Crossroads overnight camp.

  • Ongoing Family Engagement: Regular check-ins with families from one consistent staff member, creating accountability and strong relationships.


If you have questions regarding Crossroads Junior Leaders please contact Elvira.

“I love my Crossroads family!
Everyone makes me feel like I belong.”

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