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We're all about the kids


Summer is coming! Help Crossroads provide amazing overnight summer camp opportunities to all our kids.

Your donations make overnight camp a reality!


Crossroads Youth Development

The Crossroads journey begins with camp and leads anywhere.

Navigating the world as a young person today is more complicated
and challenging than ever before.

Too many of our children and teens are being asked to travel on a journey without essential tools or experienced fellow travelers.

For 88 years, Crossroads has been a guide
through the wilderness.

Crossroads' summer overnight camps
and year-round leadership programs get young people off their screens
and out into nature, where they play, giggle, stretch,
and learn about the power of their potential.


Crossroads youth learn to build strong relationships
and overcome challenges, 
to swim, ride a bike, land a fish,
navigate by compass, and summit mountains,
to lead a team, influence for change,
and give back to their c


They learn to confidently DREAM BIG.

1,000 young people from greater Boston 
experience our programs every year 
as springboards to a bright future. 

Our programs can span10+ years in our young people's lives.

Colorful progressive graph of Crossroads ten year leadership program from grade 2 to grade 12

And we have impact...

My daughter went from being a shy little girl to being around a group of kids and staff who allowed her to express her true silly self"
My son learned how to communicate effectively, and is able to work as a team with people who are different from himself."
The environment is an extension of home and when my camper is there,
I'm worry free."

We are proud of the successes of our young people





of our graduates are first-generation college students

of recent grads are enrolled in college 
or postsecondary programs

of youth report an increase in physical activity,confidence, and friendships

of families report camp prepared their child for greater success in school


Unique Hodge Class of 2018 alum recalls experience climbing mountain on trek C5 Leader

Read Unique Hodge's story  C5 Alum, Class of 2018

Sasha Sanon Class of 2016 alum describes how trajectory of her life changed through C5 Leaders Program

Read Sasha Sanon's story C5 Alum, Class of 2016

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1,000 served

donations cover 100% of our program costs

74% of Crossroads families

are low income.


These dynamic programs and experiences that enrich the lives of our young people are too often out of reach for their families.


Crossroads ensures that accessibility is never an issue for any child, regardless of financial circumstance.

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1O+ years
of programs

There are many ways to support our Crossroads community.

Crossroads 2023 annual report
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be a part of our crossroads community

be a part of our
crossroads community

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