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Story 1:

Unique Hodge, C5 Class of 2018


Last June, Unique graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Integrative Biology, and is now in her first year as an Associate Consultant with Bain & Company.

Unique’s Crossroads' experience began at Camp Mitton at the age of seven. “Camp meant freedom to me, and was always a very loving place,” reflects Unique. She made strong friendships, and continues to travel the world with friends she met at camp.


One significant moment for Unique happened as a C5 Leader at Camp Lapham. A self-proclaimed “shy” person, she took a leap of faith and volunteered to direct the annual 24-Hour Production. This experiential learning challenge requires a group to pick a play, write a script, design sets and costumes, and perform the play—all within a 24-hour deadline. Unique remembers “stepping into herself as a leader” and loving it. She felt a true sense of accomplishment as their production of Annie hit the stage.


From that experience, Unique saw herself as a strong leader. She had the confidence to run for student body president in high school, and to pursue leadership roles while studying at Harvard University. Last June, she graduated from Harvard with a degree in Integrative Biology, and is now in her first year as an Associate Consultant with Bain & Company.


Life is a journey.Crossroads inspires kids to be MORE by creating a space for new experiences, self-discovery, and fun. Teens in the C5 leadership program strive to be character driven, community focused, challenge ready, college/career bound, and committed to a better future.


Today, the connections of a supportive community are more important than ever. Your investment helps strengthen our Crossroads community. The impact of your support is clear in the stories of our vibrant young people.


Story 2:

Sasha Sanon, C5 Class of 2018

Sasha Sanon was a curious student in Grade 7 at West Middle School in Brockton when a teacher recommended her for the Crossroads C5 Leaders program. Reflecting on that first summer at Camp Wing and the start of her five-year journey in the C5 program, Sasha says, “Like a domino effect, that moment changed the trajectory of my life.”


Sasha credits Crossroads as a partner on her path toward success, and recalls the new experiences that challenged her to step outside her comfort zone. “The wilderness trek to Wyoming was the number one thing I’ve ever done in my life and helped me realize that if I could accomplish that, I could do anything!” adds Sasha.


C5 College Tour was another important moment, one that introduced Sasha to her alma mater, Northeastern University. “I don’t think I would have been on that campus without Crossroads; my mom would not have been able to take me on college tours.” The week-long exploration of area colleges helps students discover the best fit for their unique pursuits, as they set goals and plan for the future.


Today, Sasha is a CPA at The Siegfried Group, and a class of 2020 graduate of Northeastern University where she earned her MA of Science in Accounting and her BA of Science in Business Administration. In her role, Sasha applies her leadership and communication skills, guiding clients through accounting or system challenges and ensuring a positive experience.

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