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C5 Leaders

take on the summer

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C5 Flint and Lantern Year

2024 Session Dates

Session A     Sunday, June 23 – Wednesday, July 17
Session B     Sunday, July 21 – Wednesday, August 14

Located in Ashby, MA, Camp Lapham is home for the first and second year of the Crossroads C5 Leaders Program. Beginning as rising eighth graders, youth attend Camp Lapham for 25 days during the summer. While there, C5 Leaders develop and practice their leadership skills through various experiential activities and workshops designed to support participants in learning how to lead both themselves and others in their communities. We work to continuously challenge participants to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and find their voices as changemakers for the future.


Camp Lapham offers a variety of traditional camp activities, such as sports and games, a climbing wall, boating, and art, while also providing various experiential activities and workshops that support participants to develop their leadership skills and voices.

Enrollment for the C5 Leaders Program at Camp Lapham is completed through a competitive nomination and application process. Beginning the summer prior to the start of their eighth grade year and culminating at the end of their senior year, the C5 Leaders Program requires a five year commitment.



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C5 Hammer Year

2024 Session Dates

Session A            Wednesday, July 3 – Wednesday, July 17
Session B            Monday, July 22 – Monday, August 5

Trek with NOLS    Sunday, July 7 – Wednesday, July 17

Trek with NOLS    Friday, July 26 – Saturday, August 3


In partnership with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Hammers (Grade 10) in our C5 Leaders program test their skills on a 7-day wilderness trek hiking, rock climbing, cooking over campfires, and more. The trip provides real challenges and real consequences as teens make decisions, solve problems and learn to work together effectively. The session begins and ends at Camp Lapham where Hammers have an opportunity to prepare for and debrief from their trek experience.



C5 Compass Year

2024 Session Dates 

College Tour A      Sunday, July 7 – Friday, July 12
College Tour B      Sunday, July 14 – Friday, July 19

Each summer, our Compasses (Grade 11) participate in a weeklong "Road to College Tour", which they help plan during the school year. On the tour, they get a feel for college life and the application and financial aid process. Our teens participate in classes, meet current students and professors, and check out campus life in dorms and dining halls!


C5 Medallion Year

2024 Session Dates

ACT Now Summit     Sunday, June 23 – Friday, June 28

Our Medallion Class (Grade 12) participates in the  A.C.T. Now Summit (Actively Change Tomorrow) each summer, consisting of workshops and training around community action in their own communities. Teens meet people who are making a difference, explore solutions to the unique problems faced by their communities, and plan their class’ year-long Medallion projects.


Payment Information

Enrollment Fee

A nonrefundable annual enrollment fee of $100 per participant is required (regardless of sessions attended). This includes the full year of the C5 program. There are no additional fees.

A minimum payment of $25 is required to complete registration and secure a session at camp. The full enrollment fee is due by May1, 2024. It can be paid in full by credit/debit card, cashier’s check, money order, or cash.​

Financial Support

Monthly payment plans are available through May 1, 2024.

If your family’s current situation means that the $100 fee would cause financial hardship, please email Amy or call 617.766.5179.


Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • Annual enrollment fees are nonrefundable.

  • There are no refunds for cancellation, not attending, late arrivals or early departures.

  • In the event that any sessions are canceled by Crossroads, participants will receive a full refund on all fees paid.


hear from a few of our counselors

notes from our camp parents & caregivers

"My child certainly enjoyed being challenged by new experiences (cooking, hiking, being outdoors) and it was nice for him to get some screen-time break. I think my child sometimes struggles with being too connected to his phone, and so this was a nice break and reset for him. I think making new friends, trying difficult tasks, and both succeeding and failing are good lessons for him."

“My son returned back with a better positive attitude and spirit. He felt empowered and ready to take on the next school year.”

"She is learning to deal with adversity and Camp Lapham provides support and tools to do that."

“I think it helped him to understand community - that people rely on others to do things and to care for each other (ie chores, cooking, cleaning up).”

"He has been going to Crossroads summer camps for four seasons now and each year he comes back very happy and a little bit more social and outgoing, which is all we could ask for! We will definitely continue to send him as long as he wants to go and happily tell all of our friends and family about our experiences each summer!"

“My son already demonstrated good leadership skills and teamwork but this was a really fun way to engage (he still talks about restaurant night!). I think it was good for him to be with some discomfort (i.e. not his bed, multiple shared bathrooms, quick showers) and help him appreciate what he has here at home. He learned how to be independent, how to both miss home and also be present at camp. I also appreciate that he goes on trek which helps him to build some confidence and know he can do hard things.”

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