Our goals are to guide each child and teen in our programs toward achieving academic success, active citizenship and community engagement, and a healthy future. 
How we know our model works
When our youth:
  • Graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education or meaningful employment.
  • Engage in community service and social justice efforts in their community.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in the areas of self-awareness and confidence, communications, group effectiveness, organization, decision-making, and problem solving.
  • Set ambitious goals and strive to achieve them.
  • Develop a meaningful vision for their future.
What we have achieved
  • 100% of youth in Crossroads’ year-round programming for 5+ years graduate high school
  • 93% of Crossroads’ graduates are accepted to college; 85% enroll (difference: insufficient financial aid)
  • 78% of Crossroads' graduates are 1st generation college scholars, paving the way for their families
  • 40% of our seasonal staff is comprised of our alumni, returning to mentor kids just like they used to be.