Crossroads' Impact

Our unique program model allows us to become a consistent, trusted, positive force in a child’s life. Where other programs provide a mentor, Crossroads provides a second family comprised of mentors and a positive peer group. As opposed to being part of a child’s life for a short period of time, we are connected to our kids for up to 10 years of their lives and our graduates then go on to pay their experiences forward. In addition to supporting the development of life skills, Crossroads helps youth become leaders in their communities. Our program serves kids regardless of whether they move to a new home or transfer schools – we transcend geography and make sure our kids have a consistent source of support during their formative years. Even more, 40% of our seasonal staff is comprised of Alumni from our program, further enhancing the impact and effectiveness of our program by providing relatable mentors for our youth and personifying the possibilities for all kids who join our family.