Crossroads Junior Leaders

Serving students in grades 3-7, Crossroads Junior Leaders is a school year program that channels the curiosity and enthusiasm of this age group to build confidence, positive friendships and the ability to navigate challenging emotions and stressful situations in healthy ways. Junior Leaders teaches students to set ambitious goals and view post-secondary education as achievable. (Nomination only, must have attended a minimum of 1 summer at Camp Crossroads).



Ten years of Support, Encouragement, and Inspiration
Crossroads Junior Leaders is designed as an introduction to the standards of leadership and self-awareness that particpants explore in our C5 Leaders Program. Junior Leaders participate in activities found within the realms of identity and peer relationships. When Junior Leaders reach the 8th grade they matriculate into our C5 program, a national model for teen leadership that emphasizes civic responsibility, college access, and character development. 
The Pathway Event Privilege
Pathway events are activities hosted by Crossroads exclusively for school year particants. In the past, events have included weekends at camp, trips to the Museum of Science, ice-skating, family bowling, February vacation camp, and more. These events are at no additional cost to your family, and we do hold a certain required number of events that we would like your child to commit to. Crossroads is eager to support our youth in every way to ensure success for your child, and we anticipate that your family will be just as willing to commit to attending events and advocating our mission. Parents/guardians are responsible for submitting an RSVP for all events in a timely manner so that we can provide quality programming for your child.
Responsible Citizenship
We’ll work around the clock to engage your child in a well-rounded and meaningful experience throughout their time with Crossroads. In the meantime, we hope that you’ll join us in educating all children about the importance of responsibility when participating in any variety of commitment-worthy programs. Some of our Pathway events will focus on academics; thus requiring submission of your child’s report card so that we can provide each child with the tools they need to succeed academically. We welcome open communication with each parent/guardian- please remember to notify us in regards to address updates, living situations, academics, etc. Most importantly, remember that Crossroads welcomes feedback from parents and families regarding all matters of our program- we’re looking forward to a positive, long-lasting relationship with you and your child.
If you have questions about Junior Leaders, please contact Kelly Theriault (617-765-7647).