Crossroads Camps

Serving students in grades 1-8, Crossroads Camps are designed to address the unique needs of youth facing a wide range of social, economic and emotional challenges. During the summer campers grow in confidence and develop the skills and strong relationships. Crossroads Camps programs provide a solid foundation for campers who enroll in our school year programming. (Crossroads Camps have an open application process).


Why Camp is Important


Camp creates the space for young people to step away from their daily lives so they can focus on themselves and grow – all while having fun.


Camp is proven to help young people:


• Be physically active

• Experience success and become more confident

• Gain resiliency

• Develop new skills

• Discover new passions

• Become more independent

• Learn social skills

• Disconnect from technology

• Make new friends


Crossroads Camp Programs

Camp Wing Overnight - Duxbury, Massachusetts (students currently in 1st through 8th grade)


Camp Mitton Overnight - Brewster, Massachusetts (students currently in 1st through 7th grade)

Please note C5 Leaders @ Camp Lapham -  Ashby, Massachusetts if for students enrolled in C5 Leaders only





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