About Us

Nurturing the Next Generation of Diverse Young Leaders
Crossroads for Kids inspires youth to develop their innate potential to become members of the next generation of diverse young leaders in Boston and Massachusetts, breaking the cycle of poverty and under-achievement and yielding systemic change in the communities where they live.  Through a unique combination of immersive summer camp and year-round mentoring and enrichment programs, Crossroads provides youth ages 7 – 18 years old with comprehensive support, resources and opportunities which guide them toward academic success, higher education, meaningful careers and responsible citizenship. 

Our Impact
Currently, of the over 1000  youth Crossroads for Kids serves annually in our immersive summer programs, 60% participate in our comprehensive multi-year, year-round programs. Our experience has proven that children who are long-term members of our Crossroads for Kids year-round family (5-10 years) maintain a motivation for academic success resulting in 100% graduating from high school with 90% achieving college acceptance. The majority of our teens are first generation college students and serve in leadership positions on their campuses. Over 25% of our graduates continue their relationship with Crossroads for Kids and return to work in our programs excited to pay their experience forward.